"Let our Ark carry your beloved pet home"


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Best Funeral Home

15809 Madison Rd

Middlefield, OH 44062

(300 yards north of the Rte 608/Rte 528 intersection)


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Noah's Ark Pet Cremation was created because we simply love animals. Our family has had numerous Cats, Dogs, Bearded Dragons, Aquatic Turtles, Russian Tortoises, and more over the years. In our family, pets have become an essential part of our lives and we become attached to them. In essence, pets are family too and we simply want to help preserve that loved ones legacy once they are gone.


We offer cremation services for pets up to 200 pounds. Our standard service includes the cremation process, a paw print, hair clipping, paw prints tin, certificate of cremation, and a small notice on our Facebook and Web Pages.


We also offer extra merchandise available for purchase. These include premium urns, cremation jewelry, ClayPaw molds, garden markers, and other items.


Please look at our Services Offered and Price List for more information.






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